Intent to Pursue Pathways (IPP Form)

The Intent to Pursue Pathways is not intended for interested students who have not yet completed high school.

Students who were declined initial admission (currently for fall 2021), need to pursue a foundation year, or missed the application deadline may declare an Intent to Pursue Pathways and will have an opportunity to apply or re-apply to the program after their first year at a partner community college.  Students who are calculus-ready are expected to complete the same first-year coursework as those currently enrolled in Engineering Pathways. It will be important to plan your schedules with an advisor to be sure you are on track. If you test into pre-calculus/trigonometry you likely need to complete this course over summer so that you are calculus-ready for fall, please plan accordingly.

Students need to have already applied and been admitted to one of our partner community colleges before submitting the Intent to Pursue Pathways. You will need your community college student ID number and email address to complete the form. A form received without your college email provided is considered incomplete and will not receive a response or be formally registered.

Once you submit the Intent to Pursue Pathways you will be connected to an Engineering Pathways transfer advisor. The advisor will contact you within 2-3 weeks to discuss your options, interests, and help you select your courses for the 2021-2022 academic year.

If you have general questions prior to submitting the form please email

Thank you for your interest in the Engineering Pathways program.