Intent to Pursue Pathways

Students who may be declined initial admission, need to pursue a foundation year to prepare for the Year 1 curriculum, don’t have access to an ALEKS PPL assessment (or opt not to take it), or who miss the application deadline will have an opportunity to apply or re-apply to the program after their first year at community college.  Students who are calculus-ready must successfully complete the same Year 1 coursework and requirements as those currently enrolled in Engineering Pathways, and at the same community college that will be selected during the application process. If you test into pre-calculus/trigonometry you likely need to complete this course over summer so that you are calculus ready for fall; please plan accordingly.

It will be important to plan your schedules with an advisor to be sure you are on track.  To get connected to an Engineering Pathways advisor and notify us of your interest in applying to the program after your first year at community college: email (Subject: Intent to Pursue Pathways) with your full name, the community college where you are completing your coursework, and a copy of your course plan/schedules (unofficial transcripts are okay).

It takes a bit of time to review course plans. Please give us 7-10 business days to respond to your interest email.

We appreciate your interest in joining Engineering Pathways!